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Dwedor Morais Ford, Ph.D., is a writing expert, an educator, a writer, an author, and a community organizer. She has self-published several successful books including L is for Liberia: An Alphabet Book (2013) and another, Dr. Francis W. M. Morais: His Fight for Humanity (2016), that she co-authored with her husband, Dr. Charles Wesley Ford, Jr. She has edited textbooks for companies including Pearson, Bedford-St. Martin’s, Thomson Wadsworth, and Prentice Hall.

Her most recent edited work, Fierce and Fabulous by Glynis W. Bell, encourages and inspires young ladies to develop positive self-image in all aspects of their lives. Dr. Ford is now working with several soon-to-be authors. Close to her heart is a book focusing on the letters of a deceased mother to her young daughter. Dr. Ford is gearing up for several new releases—PeekSqueak: The Lost Duckling, based on a true story; and Dreams Remembered, a collection of personal dreams with meaning.

Dr. Ford is also the proprietor of Pins and Needles Sewing and Alterations. She is conjointly committed to empowering women and girls across the globe. A Kiva lender since 2008, she loans funds to small business owners, particularly women, in developing countries. She serves as President of IAW Winston-Salem (North Carolina) Chapter.

Dr. Francis W.M. Morais

Newly Released Book
Dr. Francis W. M. Morais:His Fight for Humanity