WinH Services

Proofreading & Editing

Content Editing: 

  • Replacing passive voice with active voice
  • Varying unintentionally repeated verbs
  • Adding dashes or parentheses to clarify subordinate material
  • Reducing strings of adjectives
  • Replacing indefinite pronouns with clear noun subjects
  • Changing words with discriminatory connotations
  • Defining special terms on first appearance


  • Problems with subject-verb agreement/ pronoun-antecedent agreement
  • Incorrect verb tense
  • Unnecessary or missing commas
  • Dangling or misplaced modifiers
  • Misused words (e.g., effect for affect)
  • Split or fused sentences


We will standardize your text according to your preferred documentation style. Styling your document includes standardizing words in headings, titles in bibliographies, use of single or double quote marks, serial commas, numbers, acronyms, compound words, extracts, italics, note numbers, documentation styles, footnotes, and illustrations.


Along with our writing consultation services, we offer you the opportunity to publish with us. Our literary team is made of talented professionals (writing instructors, writers, and authors), who are ready to help publish your book.

In this age of technology, the world is full of literary agents and publishing companies, a situation that makes it daunting to find a reputable agent; thus, if you choose to publish with other houses, it would be wise to let us help you navigate the industry to choose the publishing partner that is right for you.